Lorraine Gurley

Hello, I am the founder of Accolades An Expression of love. I started this company for one reason only and that is to show people Love!  I wanted to let people know that we need to love on everyone we know and so do you!  How you say? Well let me tell you a little story.  I went to a home going last year and as I sat there and listened to all of the Accolades that people gave to the person whom passed away I thought.  What's the point...That person can't hear you.  Why do we always wait until the person we love is gone?  That's when I knew, Accolades had to be for the living and not the dead.  So, Accolades An Expression Of Love was born!

Accolades is for your benefit and ours.  We aim to put smiles on people faces by giving you ways to say " I love you" We appreciate you" and We want to acknowledge you for all the thing you do"

Accolades, An Expression Of Love has a wonderful team who is willing and able to help you plan your surprise for your love one. We do it all.  From a back yard Bar-B-Q's to a Grand Ball. 


Our team is ready to fulfill your need. We hope you are up for the challenge and Fun!  

Remember "All you need is Love" 

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